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The Rolling Jones

Family Band

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Our Story

The Rolling Jones was discovered deep in a basement near Worthington, Ohio. Borne from Jared’s desire to have drums accompany his saxophone solos when he was 12, TRJ’s humble beginnings quickly sprouted as Jared’s thirst for learning more instruments grew (he is currently 14). The more he learned, the more he was able to teach his younger brothers, until the band’s legitimacy grew up…stairs from the basement into their parents’ music room. After their takeover was complete, having pushed violins, violas, and harps aside to make room for guitars, basses, amps, drums, a cello, a flute and a piano, the band politely accepted their mom and dad and older brother and sister into the fold. Now on to traveling gigs, their road crew requires at least two large vehicles (including *technically* a bus) to comfortably transport the young bandmates and their equipment to their next performance. 


Thursday, June 13, 2024   ~   6 pm

Zanesville Museum of Art

620 Military Rd, Zanesville, OH 43701

Piano Keyboard

Meet The Band




Tiffany gave life to all six of the children in The Rolling Jones band and has been raising them to be great musicians and even better human beings. By day she works hard to make life better for her husband, eight kids, two dogs, and one bearded dragon, trying to get some harp practice in if she can! By night she performs: harp solo, in small ensembles, and in orchestras all over Ohio.

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Ian's primary role is the band's chef, assuring everyone's nutritional needs are carefully met on Taco Tuesday, Stir-Fry Wednesday, or on those rare but special occasions he splurges on steaks for the growing boys with insatiable appetites. He also plays violin almost every weekend for events and occasionally dabbles in investigating and prosecuting crime in his spare time.

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